Small Review on Toyota 4 Runner

The Toyota 4 Runner is an excellent SUV option for those who are ready to make the switch from a sedan to a vehicle designed to perform well both on and off road. Prior model years of the 4 Runner have had certain drawbacks that have been largely eradicated in the 2011 model year. Here are some key features to consider:


Prior model years featured a 4 cylinder engine, which has now been replaced exclusively by the V6 engine. The 4 cylinder engine meant unbearably slow acceleration which undoubtedly slowed 4 Runner sales as well. Toyota has also been plagued in recent years by the highly publicized unintended acceleration recalls. To address this issue, Toyota has re-tooled its vehicles and includes a brake-override feature which prevents the vehicle from accelerating while the brake pedal is depressed. The last major remodel of the 4 Runner was in 2010, so the 2011 model remains largely unchanged apart from these notable improvements.


Fortunately, the Toyota 4 Runner offers performance to back its rugged styling. It has incredible off-road ability, and both the Limited and SR5 models come in two and four wheel drive options. The Trail model is only available with four wheel drive. In contrast to most SUV crossover vehicles which typically switch power to the rear wheels should the front wheels begin to falter, the Toyota 4 Runner uses rear-wheel drive as a default mode and transfers power from back to front. On the SR5 and Trail models, four wheel drive is engaged with a floor lever as a system to use off-road or in treacherous driving conditions only. The Limited model may employ four wheel drive at any time using a switch mounted on the center console.


Some convenient features of the Toyota 4 Runner include standard amenities like power windows and locks, air conditioning, and keyless remote entry. There are plenty of drink holders, a tilt steering wheel, and standard cruise control. Also standard is a satellite radio system connected to tailgate speakers to listen to outside. Limited and trail models have advanced features including an iPod interface and the ability connect with Bluetooth phone equipment and music streaming technology. Other options include leather upholstery with heated front seats, and the Trail model features fabric upholstery that is water-resistant.


In addition to Toyota’s response to the unintended acceleration issues reported in prior years, every 4 Runner is equipped with antilock brakes, and antiskid and traction control systems. All 4 Runners are equipped with standard airbags, including knee airbags in the front row and side curtain airbags in all three rows of seating.

The 4 Runner is a solid, rugged vehicle designed for off-road exploits. While its boxy design makes it perform well under less-than-ideal road conditions, it also limits fuel economy and makes it a less desirable car for a daily driver in city traffic. Those who want primarily an in-city commuter car may be better served by other Toyota models, but the 4 Runner remains an attractive option for those who want both on and off road capabilities. vintage persian rugs

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