Silicone rubber is a versatile material that is used in a variety of industries. It is durable, non-reactive and resistant to extreme temperatures. This makes it ideal for applications such as sealing and insulation. It also has good thermal stability and is highly flexible. Silicone is available in a range of thicknesses and colours. The most common types of silicone are EPDM, BUY LSR 2 Liquid Silicone Mould Making Rubber for Resin Art Craft POP Clay Molds Silicone Molding Rubber SILOCZEST LSR FAST 1 KG.

This is a liquid moulding rubber for injection molding, can be used with fully automated flash-less and trim-free machinery. This is a platinum-curing and addition curing product, which means that it can be mixed with a proportioning system and the two components will automatically vulcanize together without the need for further processing. The low viscosity of this product allows it to be easily injected into intricate shapes with precise dimensions and short cycle times.

It is also suitable for high volume production because it has a low shrinkage rate. The liquid rubber can be molded into complex shapes and is highly flexible, with a very high tear strength. It can also withstand -50 to 250 degree Celsius and is chemical-resistant.

In addition to its flexibility, the liquid rubber can be molded into multiple shapes and colours. It is also suitable for use with glass, metals and many plastics. It is important to note, however, that this material is not suitable for use with acetone or alcohol as it can damage the surface of these materials.

Moreover, it is important to store the silicone in a temperature-controlled environment. This will help it to retain its properties and extend the life of the finished product. It is also important to keep the silicone away from heat sources, as it can evaporate or become brittle under intense heat.

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