Why do people go to a supermarket with the intention of buying a couple of items but end up with a bag full of products not on their shopping list. We have all been there. But it is the same for everyone; if we think we have found a good bargain, we act on it.

It is the same with online shopping. Online shoppers want the same thing – a good bargain. So if you want ensure people buy more from you, you should give them a good bargain. Fortunately, there are at least 3 ecommerce software tools that you can use to get your customers to buy more from you.

Discount Coupons And Gift Certificates
Distributing discount coupons and gift certificates is one of the more popular methods to get people to buy more products from you. Even brick and mortar stores are doing it. A couple of famous coffee shops once Twitted discount codes with a 48 hour validity period to their Twitter followers. Customers just needed to print out the code and present it to the person at the counter to be entitled to 50% off certain beverage.

The campaign was a success because it was wide-reaching and the short validity period created a sense of urgency.

Online store merchants automatically set their ecommerce software to send out exclusive gift certificates to customers right after an order is made as a form of gratitude as well as a reason for customers to come back and make another purchase.

Cross Selling
Another thing we can learn from supermarkets and of course, Amazon, is the art of cross selling. Notice how items are arranged or presented in supermarkets so that you are tempted to buy them after you have gotten hold of your main item? Amazon takes it a step further by using complex programs to analyze shopper trends and suggest items which customers might be interested in. What is surprising is that some of the items suggested does not seem related to primary item that was bought.

However, since most shopping cart software do not have such advanced systems, merchants should just stick to the basics and suggest item which are related to one another. For example, if a customer has just bought a pair of running shoes, you might cross sell a pair of sport socks or quick tie laces.

Bulk Purchase
You can also setup your ecommerce software to give discounts for bulk purchases. This is especially useful when selling fast-moving goods like toilet paper, soap and so on. Do not forget to use this feature along with the other two mentioned earlier to optimize your sales efforts. custom socks manufacturer

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