The Tuxedo has been a wardrobe staple for special events, ceremonious occasions, and esteemed social gatherings since the late 1800s. It’s the perfect look to demonstrate that you’re polished and put together with total precision, a reflection of the event to which you’re attending.

The tuxedo is often associated with the glamour and style of Hollywood, but it’s not just for movie stars! Men and women can wear tuxedos to create a sophisticated outfit that’s perfectly appropriate for a wide range of events. Whether you’re looking to step up your formal attire or just add a touch of class to your everyday style, there’s something about a well-fitting black jacket and pants that makes you feel just a bit more sexy.

After World War II, America leaned towards a more casual lifestyle and tuxedos were relegated to the closet, but they didn’t die off completely. In the 1980’s, tuxedos experienced somewhat of a renaissance with dark colours, slim cuts and minimal accessories. This “Saturday Night Fever” style lasted until the 1990’s when more conservative styles took over, which lingered into the 2000’s.

Today, tuxedos are more popular than ever. With the popularity of period dramas and modern men’s fashion magazines, traditional tuxedo styles are rising in prominence again. The current trend is for slim fits and classic colors such as midnight blue. In addition, accessories are coming back into play. You can now pair your black tie with a velvet cummerbund, straight-end bow tie or even a beaded necklace. Tuxedo

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