When you want a suit that feels fresh and quietly fashion-forward, you’ll find it here. The iconic department store specializes in off-the-rack suits by brands like Elie Tahari, Theory, Kate Spade, Hugo Boss and REISS. It also offers in-house alterations so that you can walk down the aisle or tear up the dance floor with confidence and an impeccably tailored fit.

Suitsupply is one of the first and still some of the only places that focuses on a comprehensive something-for-everyone inventory of impeccably polished suits without the extremes of chain store or stuffy boutique vibe. You’ll also find made-to-measure options here, and the price point is refreshingly low considering the level of tailoring and fabrics you’re getting, such as Italian wool with horn buttons.

Their target market seems to be mainly young men who prefer a slim fitting, modern silhouette, but their suits do well on shorter and taller guys, too. They have a wide range of textured and interestingly colored fabrics. Their standard buttons are plastic but you can upgrade to horn or metal for an extra fee. And until recently, they were one of the only suit brands that offered pleated pants as part of their custom program. Be prepared for some back and forth with sizing as it can be hit or miss, but don’t let that discourage you. It’s worth the hassle to lock down a great fit. Suit store

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