A passion for sports fuels your desire to compete and train. You dedicate your time and effort to improve your skills and follow best practices to avoid injury. But, injuries happen, and when they do, it can halt your progress and limit your potential as an athlete. Fortunately, sports rehab can help you get back to the sport you love.

Our sports medicine program provides comprehensive diagnostic, treatment and prevention fitness services for a wide range of injuries resulting from athletic competition or activity. Whether you are an elite professional athlete or a weekend warrior, we understand the demands of your sport and the benefits it provides to your mental and physical health. And we’re here to support you along the way.

This location is currently not accepting new patients. Please check back again soon.

Located at 6310 Market Ave N in North Canton, this facility is the former Concorde Therapy Group and has been serving the Stark County community since 1988. Now, as NovaCare Rehabilitation, this location continues to provide the same high quality physical and occupational therapy that you have come to expect from this familiar name.

Gregory James, PT accepts multiple insurance plans. Click here to see if your insurance provider is accepted.sports rehab canton ohio

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