Whether you are a scholastic athlete, an active recreational player or competing at the highest level in your sport of choice, it takes time, dedication and commitment to reach the next level in your athletic career. However, injuries can derail your plans and prevent you from achieving your athletic goals. Fortunately, sports rehab is designed to help you get back on track with your training and competition schedule.

A physical therapist specializing in sports rehabilitation will guide you through a course of treatment that builds strength around your injured joints, speeds up the recovery process, and helps you return to your sport sooner. Your therapist will monitor your injury to ensure you are healing properly and to determine when you can resume training and competition without re-injuring yourself.

Complete Sports Rehabilitation (CSR) is a cash based physical therapy practice that allows the therapist to focus on each patient and their goals, rather than being constrained by insurance billing practices. CSR offers a one hour treatment session, which allows the therapist to perform a comprehensive evaluation and formulate a corrective exercise program tailored to meet your goals. The therapists at CSR understand the demands of training and competing, and are committed to helping you achieve your athletic goals.

The doctors at Gregory James, PT are experts in orthopedic and sports medicine. They are dedicated to helping patients recover from musculoskeletal injuries, and they offer quality care in Canton, OH. The office accepts a variety of health insurance providers and encourages you to check your insurance coverage before scheduling an appointment. sports rehab canton ohio

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