Whether you’re a steno typist, a gamer or a programmer, you need your keyboard to function properly. But there are cases when the keys just stop working, or they become erratic, so you need to find out what’s wrong with them. The best way to do this is by using a keyboard test. This tool captures all of your inputs and will let you know which keys are being recognized, how many are pressed simultaneously, and so on.

Many keyboard testers are portable apps that can be run on a computer or laptop without installation. They are also lightweight and don’t slow down the system when running in the background. They’re free to download and use, which means you can test your keyboard anytime anywhere.

These programs will display a virtual keyboard that looks exactly like your physical keyboard. They’re designed to allow you to examine 95% or more of the keyboard’s keys. To test the keys, simply press the keys on your physical keyboard and see if they are highlighted on the virtual keyboard. If they are, then your keyboard is working well.

Another important feature of a keyboard test is its ability to verify key rollover. The tool will show you the number of keys that can be pressed simultaneously before registering a dead key. This allows you to easily check if your keyboard has enough key rollover, ensuring that all of the keys are functioning properly. This is important for gamers, who often utilize modifier keys (such as Ctrl, Alt, and Shift) in combination with other keys. keyboard test

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