A water chiller is a device that is used to cool down water for various industrial processes and cooling systems. It works by removing the heat from the water by using a refrigeration cycle. It also helps in maintaining a consistent temperature of the water. The water chiller is a great addition to any reverse osmosis RO or filtered drinking water system. It can provide cold, fresh filtered water at the flick of a lever.

The water chiller is a compact unit that sits under the sink and supplies a steady flow of chilled water to a faucet above the bench. This is a great alternative to having to store and constantly refill water bottles. Moreover, it helps in saving the environment by reducing the use of plastic bottles.

It has a capacity of 8L per hour and is made of rust free stainless steel. It can be fit with a Microlene chrome-lever filtered water tap. The cabinet is powder coated and the cold water tank is fully insulated. It is equipped with a drain plug and seal that is removable for servicing. The power cable is 1.5 metres long and is a 240-volt 50hz single phase. It is also lead and copper free.

It is important to consider the piping material as it can have an impact on equipment reliability and maintenance costs. The piping material should not be made of materials that are sensitive to corrosion, especially in the distribution lines. Copper, PVC and stainless steel are common piping materials. It is also recommended to use non-corrosive materials in the cooling tower. under bench water chiller

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