Germany is the largest country in Central Europe and shares border with Denmark,

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 France, Poland, Austria and Switzerland among other countries. It is made up of 16 federations each with its own culture and this facet of regionalism makes Germany one of the most diverse European nations. Germany spreads over 350000 square kilometers and has more than 80 million inhabitants. Its capital Berlin is not as prominent a capital city as say London or Paris, yet it is one of the more fashionable cities of Europe and indeed the world. Like New York in the USA, the city of Frankfurt is the financial capital of Germany. Imperial Germany has had a very sordid history having been involved at the forefront of both World Wars. Adolf Hitler and his Nazi war machine marched all over the neighboring countries, attacking and taking over many of them until finally their devastating end came about in 1945 with the conclusion of World War II.Germany is divided into five primary regions (North, South, East, West and Central) which contain its 16 federations. Western Germany is known in particular for the Rhine Valley. This is also wine country from where some of the world’s finest Rieslings (a type of white wine) are grown and bottled. We will look at some of the key cities and their attractions:-Berlin – The symbol of re-unified Germany, Berlin is home to the broken down Berlin Wall which used to divide the country into East and West Germany. The site of the (former) Wall is a popular destination for tourists. Berlin has an abundance of museums, art galleries and churches that one can see. The German parliament building, the Reichstag is a spectacular piece of architecture especially with its new glass dome and offers a fantastic all-round view of Berlin. The city also has plenty to offer to lover of arts and music with its numerous theatres, opera and concert houses. There’s no better place for a clubber than Berlin with more than 200 different types of clubs catering to different types of music lovers.Munich – Most people remember this city as the site of the 1972 Olympic Games massacre of Israeli athletes at the hands of the Black September terrorist group. However, Munich today is probably one of the safest cities you will find in Germany. It is a vibrant city with plenty of options for nightlife, restaurants, sightseeing and accommodation. A couple of hotels which are in the mid-range are the Hotel Wallis and the centrally located Cosmopolitan Hotel. Munich is also known for its world famous Oktoberfest which is a week long festival where all major breweries sell beer in big tents known as beer gardens. Frankfurt – The financial center of Germany, Frankfurt unsurprisingly has one of the most futuristic skylines of any European city. Frankfurt is a major destination for trade shows across industries from stationary to textiles to automobiles. Aside from museums, Frankfurt has some wonderful Gothic architecture to be seen. The old area of Romerburg is quite popular with tourists in this regard. Entrümpelung Berlin

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