A gunshot victim is in hospital after a shooting near a school Thursday afternoon. Police say the suspect pulled a gun out of a vehicle parked in front of Winston Churchill Collegiate and fired several shots, piercing the van’s passenger side front door. The suspect is described as a man with a beard and brown hair wearing glasses. He was last seen heading towards a parking lot on the east side of the campus, in the area of College and Franklin Streets. The school was placed on lockdown and a manhunt is ongoing for the suspect.

The incident happened around 12:30 p.m.

LOUISVILLE, Ky. — Two male victims are in hospital after a shooting in Louisville. The incident happened in the 2900 block of Churchill Street. Police say there was a gathering and the unknown suspect opened fire with a shotgun, striking two males in the head. The victims were taken to the Atrium Health Navicent for treatment. They were listed in stable condition. No arrests have been made in the incident and police are asking anyone with information to contact the Louisville Police Department.

Churchill shooting is a shooting method based on economy of movement and elegant, efficient gun mounting. It is a point-and-shoot method, meaning the shooter looks at the bird and, through correct gun mounting, moves the gun to the target naturally without conscious effort. As the gun mounts, a natural “increased lead” automatically happens, compensating for the fact that the barrels are moving faster than the bird.

The method is named after British Prime Minister Sir Winston Churchill, who was an expert at it. Churchill learned the skill as a child from his father, who was a gunsmith and game shooter. He also used his skills as a soldier and politician, where he was famous for his ability to rally troops in the face of disaster.

In one of his most famous photos, Churchill wears a pinstripe suit and cigar and holds a.45 caliber Thompson automatic weapon with a drum magazine and pistol grip fore-end. The photo became a symbol of Adolf Hitler’s hatred for Churchill.

Churchill’s own shooting prowess was legendary. He was a skilled and accomplished sportsman, using both a bow and arrows and his rifle for target practice. He was also a prolific hunter and fisherman, capturing foxes and wild boars with his dogs, and a deft and skilled horseman. In addition to his political career, Churchill was a well-known historian and writer who published several books. In 1955, he published his quintessential work on game shooting, which has become a standard in the field for more than 60 years. The 1955 first edition of this book is in good-plus condition, with a clean dust jacket that shows minor wear. It has a few small tape repairs to the spine and is in a good-plus binding. 280 pages. B/w photographs, illustrations. Ox-blood boards, titled in gilt on the spine. Churchill shooting

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