Family Law encompasses a wide range of issues, such as complex asset and debt division; child custody and visitation; spousal support (maintenance); domestic violence; adoptions; and juvenile court matters. It is important to find the right California divorce attorney that specializes in this area of law and has significant experience in your specific county courts. It is also a good idea to find an attorney that you get along with, as this makes it more likely that you will reach a settlement and reduce your overall costs.

You will want to choose an experienced lawyer who understands and respects your privacy, your unique circumstances and can help you navigate this difficult time. It is important to interview several attorneys before selecting the one that you feel best matches your needs and personality. During your consultation, you should bring a list of all assets, debts and sources of income. It is also helpful to have copies of your tax returns for the last few years.

Look for an attorney who has a strong reputation in the community. Ask for references from former clients and peers. Find out whether they have served on bar association family-law committees or addressed family-law-related topics at legal seminars and conferences. Finally, make sure they exclusively handle family law cases. This will help them develop the expertise needed to successfully represent you. Also, it is important that they be familiar with the judges and court system in your jurisdiction so that they can shape their strategy based on how those judges have ruled in the past. אמיר בר לב

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