The tuners update is coming out for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 later this month. This new version will bring with it several new modes, new cars and a chance to earn a reputation in the game. You can read more about these updates in this article.

New cars

The Los Santos Tuners update will hit GTA Online on July 20. This new expansion will bring ten new cars, a new type of interaction, and new races.

A key component of this update is the new social space called LS Car Meet. This feature will allow players to show off their customizations and race against other players. It also offers access to specialty shops. Players will be able to join races and participate in a variety of challenges, such as time trials, scrambles, and head-to-head races.

Another feature of this update is the new reputation system. Members can earn reputation by competing in races or doing daily log-in bonuses. Reputation is a valuable commodity in the underground tuner scene. Getting reputation can also lead to the purchase of new cars and clothing.

This update will also bring six multi-part high-stakes contracts. These contracts will let you take on various missions in order to gain experience, increase reputation, and earn trade prices for your vehicles. In addition, players will have the opportunity to earn reputation through their own customizations.

This update will also introduce a brand-new Auto Shop property. The LS Car Meet features a test track and an underground driving space where players can drive different cars. Some races will take place on the street of Los Santos, while others will utilize the Car Meet itself as the track.

The Los Santos Tuners update will also feature a number of new quality-of-life improvements. LS Car Meet members can earn access to the Underground Driving Space, which allows them to drive and drift on the Test Track. Other features include a new reputation system, a new social feature, and new missions.

One of the most notable features of the LS Car Meet is its reputation system. Reputation will be earned by participating in car meets, as well as earning achievements and rewards for completing the missions.

As part of this update, Rockstar Games is introducing a number of new cars, including several from Dinka and Vapid. Annis Euros, a Nissan 300ZX-inspired car, and the Vapid Dominator GTT, an FD-generation Mazda RX-7, are among the vehicles that will be available on launch day.

New racing game modes

The Los Santos Tuners update has a lot to offer. This includes a new Test Track facility, a new social space and new racing game modes. In addition, this update will feature a bunch of new cars and tuners.

One of the most exciting things about this update is its level-based Reputation System. It will allow players to earn several bonuses in the form of trade prices, clothing, and other goods. These can be used to upgrade their cars and make them look better.

The Street Race Series is an exciting new mode of play that will let players race against other racers. Players can choose between a series of races in the city or on the open road. There are four different types of races to try out.

Aside from the new races, there are also a number of new vehicle-based missions. The Dinka RT3000, Annis Euros, Vapid Dominator GTT and Karin Futo GTX are just a few of the highly modifiable vehicles you can get your hands on.

Another new feature is the ability to adjust hydraulics, lowering the car, and opening/closing the roof. You can also make changes to the engine bay to give it a new look.

Finally, you will have the option to purchase new collectible media sticks. They contain a bunch of cool music and other new content. Lastly, the best part is the fact that you can attach them to your radio.

Other new features include the LS Car Meet. This is a fun place for car enthusiasts to meet and compare rides and mods. You can invite other players to this event and even set up a private meet.

If you’re a fan of the GTA series, you’re going to enjoy this new update. It will give you a more in-depth look at the tuner culture in Los Santos. Some of the new features will be available in the next few weeks. As with any new content, Rockstar will release more information soon.

So, whether you want to get your hands on the latest and greatest cars, the latest and greatest music, or just take on the newest and sexiest tunes, this update is for you.


The Los Santos Tuners update is the next major content update for GTA Online. It includes new vehicles, missions, races, and a social space.

One of the main updates of this update is the LS Car Meet, a massive shared social space. Located in Cypress Flats, the warehouse is a meeting point for car enthusiasts. There, players can display their modified vehicles, show off their vehicles in the Mod Shop, or drive them around the test track. In return, they can earn respect, Trade prices, and clothing options.

LS Car Meet allows drivers to showcase their cars and participate in six new race types. There are Sprint races on open-road, Scramble races on the Test Track, and Pursuit Series races that include cops on their tails.

The Los Santos Tuners update will also introduce new vehicle performance customization options. Players will be able to customize their vehicles to their heart’s content, and LS Car Meet will allow them to do so in real-time.

In addition to the LS Car Meet, the Los Santos Tuners update will feature new missions, races, and quality-of-life updates. Aside from the LS Car Meet, the update also features a new Auto Shop property.

The Los Santos Tuners is set to launch on July 20. During the update, players will be able to complete several tasks and receive exciting rewards. Some of these reward systems include a new radio wheel that lets players choose their favorite radio station.

Also, players will be able to collect Media Sticks. These collectibles will grant players a new mix for the Media Player on the Radio Wheel. They can be obtained by participating in the various Challenges, taking part in the Impromptu Race, or by completing the Monday Dreamin’ EP’s.

Other new features included in the update are a new vehicle, a new test track facility, and two new types of races. Players will be able to compete in the Street Race Series. All of these new additions are designed to make GTA Online more fun and interesting.

The Los Santos Tuners release will include the addition of a new vehicle, LS Car Meet, and a new Test Track facility. This update will also add 10 new highly modifiable vehicles to the game.

Earning reputation

In the summer update for GTA Online, Reputation will be a major feature. With reputation, players can unlock a number of new goods and clothing options. Players will also be able to gain experience and earn money in car races. By gaining reputation, players will be able to access special Prize Ride Challenges.

The Los Santos Tuners update will be released on July 20. It will include a new social space, LS Car Meet, as well as new vehicle themed missions. This area will allow players to meet and mingle with other car enthusiasts. They will also be able to show off their custom vehicles.

In the update, players will be able to earn reputation by racing in street races and participating in car meets. Moreover, reputation will allow them to access a range of new car customization options. Lastly, they will be able to enter private car meets.

With the Los Santos Tuners update, players will be able to customize their cars to their heart’s content. There will be 17 new cars on release. These include American muscle cars and imported tuners. Some of the new vehicles will come in different shapes and colors.

As part of the Tuners update, players will be able test out the new tuners and other vehicles on the Test Track. By winning races and setting records, players can also earn Reputation. If you are unable to compete in races, you can still earn reputation. Likewise, you can earn reputation by testing out new cars and other vehicles in the Mod area.

To be able to earn reputation in the update, players must be logged in to the game and participate in LS Car Meet activities. This includes interacting with other players, attending private car meets, and taking part in the prize ride challenges. Those who achieve a high level of reputation will be able to earn perks, such as access to a tattoo shop. LS Car Meet is a great new area for car enthusiasts to hang out. Whether you’re into car racing, custom vehicles, or modding, LS Car Meet is the place to be.

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