There are times that you want your YouTube videos to load, but nothing is happening. It is frustrating since you have had YouTube working properly before as it is a site that you probably use more than a few times a week. Below are things that can be done to help get everything to buffer properly again.

The first step is to simply reboot your machine. Many times there are issues like this that are just temporary problems that will go away after your machine boots up again. Do not mess around with settings until you have tried this.

Check to see if your internet connection is working. Sometimes you have no signal or a very weak signal meaning that you have a very slow speed. Make sure everything with your connection is actually working else these videos will never load properly.

Go clear your internet cache. There are many different popular browsers now so you will have to find out how to do this with your specific browser. Sometimes clearing the cache will help with video sites. Test this before making any other changes to your machine.

Increase the size of your cache on your browser. Many times this will help with the commercial buffering problem that YouTube has. When there is more room in the cache, YouTube can pick up where it left off more often than not.

Update the Flash plugin on your computer. Sometimes the older versions just don’t operate properly. Updating will not only increase performance on your machine but will make you more secure.

Disable any ad blocking software in your browser while on YouTube. Many of these plugins will block Flash objects. At times this includes the video box on YouTube. If you disable the ad blocking software, the Flash elements like the video will work and buffer on YouTube like it should. buy youtube likes

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