Shirt cut memes are the latest trending topic on Twitter. This week, they’re taking over again after a brief break from the viral sensations like Disaster Girl and Woman Yelling at Cat. But what exactly are they? In short, they’re an exploitable fan art meme that consists of five different panels where the characters’ breasts are partially revealed.

The meme spread after a template was posted on Twitter by a user named @druzsea in June 2021. The blank template was titled ‘shirt cut’ and had the following panels: side boob, inner side boob, boob window, under boob, and free space. Internet users were encouraged to draw their own character in each of these panels. The characters could be anything they wanted, but most opted for raunchy ones.

It gained popularity over the weeks, with people posting their drawings on Twitter and other social media platforms. It seemed to fade away for the remainder of 2021 but it appears to be resurfacing in 2022, especially on TikTok. In the past few days, videos with the hashtag #shirtcutmeme have crossed 42.1 million views.

While the meme is gaining traction, there are many people who have spoken against it, calling it inappropriate and exploitative. They believe that the main intention behind the meme is to mock women’s body and their insecurities. They also argue that there are other types of content that should be given more attention, such as anti-bullying and mental health awareness. shirt cut meme

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