The idea of prefab garage kits is fairly recent, as a matter of fact, the word prefabricated only dates back to 1932. It means “to fabricate the parts of at a factory so that construction consists mainly of assembling and uniting standardized parts”. In other words, the pieces are made in a factory to exacting standards, and then the parts are shipped to location where they are assembled.

There are many companies that make prefabricated buildings, but one of the most innovative and leading companies is VersaTube, based out of Tennessee. They were founded in 1994 by Tim Soder and Bruce Ostrander, and are still a privately owned business today. VersaTube’s outstanding growth was noted in 2007 when they were recognized by Inc. 5000, making the magazines list of “The Fastest Growing Private Companies in America” based upon revenue growth from 2003 through 2006. Due to their growth, they opened a second manufacturing facility in Arizona, allowing better service to the West Coast.

Now, we live in northern Idaho, not to be mixed up with the southern part of the state where potato’s are grown. We are up in lake and mountain country. My husband noted the other day how a majority of homes had a large outbuilding that was used for a garage, shop, equipment storage, extra space or for whatever is needed. There is just so much that you can do with an extra building, so the option of prefab garage kits is wonderful. Besides usefulness, it adds value to your property. And with VersaTube’s patented framing system, building your own garage or outbuilding is easier than ever before.

VersaTube prefab garage kits use steel framing. The patented system uses an innovative machined process that VersaTube has termed “swaging”. Swaging creates “Slip-Fit” frame connectors in which one piece of the steel framing easily slips into the end of the other piece, no connector insert tubes are needed, which streamlines and simplifies the assembly process.

The steel that VersaTube uses is of the highest quality, heavy duty, galvanized steel. It has three layers of zinc bonding for corrosion protection, and a clear polymer coating to provide a nice looking finish. The triple layer zinc bonding has proven to resist rust two times longer than other steel tubing products.

The idea of steel framing is becoming popular, especially in steel buildings. Steel offers a lot of features, such as being cost effective, it is strong, durable and lightweight, it is long lasting and recyclable, easy to install and is low maintenance. With these and other advantages, VersaTube soon saw the growing need in the market for complete building packages (they originally started out with just the framing system). Besides prefab garage kits, they also offer RV covers, carports, horse barns, loafing sheds, boat slip covers and canopy’s. Many people (residential and commercial) have found other uses for VersaTube buildings to suit their needs perfectly. As a matter of fact, last year when the Lansing, MI Ford Airport was undergoing construction, they used a VersaTube building to create a covered walkway to protect pedestrians entering the terminals, both from the construction and inclement weather.

Regardless of the size you need, VersaTube prefab garage kits will work for you. Easy for a couple of people to assemble in a weekend, you get a high quality building with an excellent warranty for the fraction of the cost of a more labor intensive structure. Swaging machine

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