Create video content with an easy-to-use video editor SDK

Boost user engagement, CTR and brand awareness by creating standout content. Whether it’s travel, food, fitness, tabletop games or car lovers, ComVideoKit lets you create video experiences that drive conversions and loyalty.

Enhance your video editing experience with a wide variety of tools and features that match your app’s look and feel. Empower users to create stunning videos with preset filters, dazzling effects and advanced adjustments to set the mood and tone of your video creations.

Edit videos with ease using the intuitive UI, an extensive filter gallery, and advanced adjustment tools including cropping for social aspect ratios. Over 60 filters for every mood and atmosphere let your users achieve a cinematic look to their videos with just a single tap.

Trim and arrange clips to create video collages of any size or ratio, and easily share them across multiple platforms. Add frames and overlays to enhance the effect with a number of blend modes.

Create unique caption styles and text animations for better capturing your audience’s attention. Over 50 transition effects to connect all clips.

Speed up your application development and shorten the time to market with a full set of video editing tools. Adopting GPU-accelerated rendering powered by Metal and GPUImage3, Pixel SDK can help you accelerate your development cycle, reduce technical debt and increase reliability for your mobile apps.

Make engaging video experiences for your applications and improve adoption with easy-to-use UI that matches your app’s look and feel. With the full autonomy to tailor the UI and features, you can achieve unique user experiences that boost your applications’ engagement, CTR and brand recognition. alternatives

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