Ultraviolet light is an impulse, which has special wavelength. It’s quite shorter, than visible light, however if compare with X-rays, uv wavelength is longer and has the range about 40-400 nm. For human eye such light is invisible, but different insects and birds can see it. As we know Uvb light is produced by sun, but can be obtained artificial way, for example tanning beds and UV lamps. Such lamps have a spectrum of light with the length of wave 290 to 320nm. Scientists call it biological spectrum, because it’s not harmful for human, sure if exposure time isn’t much, because there always exists chance to get sunburn. Biological features of ultraviolet light affects our body on molecular level, and can cause severe damage, that’s why one should treat carefully.

UVB lamp

Ultraviolet lamps use artificial uv light and can be divided into two main types:

Broadband lamp and narrowband.

The first one works with the wavelength spectrum of 290-320 nm, reaching its top on 306nm. It effects on our skin quite strong in medical sense if compare with narrowband lamps, however both type are proven not to be harmful in medical treatment of skin disorders.

Uvb lamp with narrow spectrum has the length of wave 311-313nm, with the top on 312nm. Here you can see, that such lamp uses narrow spectrum even from its name.  If we turn to the treating skin disease we can see by the results of different researches, that exactly narrowband lamps are more effective than broadband. Such lamp is safe and due to its narrow spectrum helps to treat only affected areas not touching healthy skin. There exist gossips, that broadband lamp can cause skin cancer, but not narrowband.

UVB light bulbs

Ultraviolet lamps or bulbs are very effective in treatment skin disease such eczema, psoriasis and many other. These bulbs can be of different sizes. It can be portative for home therapy and big cabins for clinical treatment. Sure it depends on affected areas of skin and what treatment is prescribed. UVB light bulbs are already used all over the world and approved to help people fight with their skin diseases. Such lamp can help you save your money for expensive medications and time. A daily normal time of exposure is about ten or fifteen minutes. You shouldn’t go to the clinic, cause you can quickly do a procedure at home with comfort. Also it can be easily kept with you during various travels and business trips. Gold bedside lamp

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