This is Part 2 of  a 5 part article series on The Luxury Real Estate Marketing Keys for Personal Branding.

The second key of successful luxury real estate marketing after Self-Definition is Personal Alignment. Alignment as defined by Webster’s Dictionary is “the proper positioning or state of adjustment of parts in relation to each other.” What then, is Personal Alignment? It is the clarification and the formulation of your thoughts in such a way that you eliminate self-contradictions. It is also the convergence that occurs when these mental gears are in sync:

o    Your values and beliefs (what matters to you the most and what you stand for)

o    Your passions and personality  (what you personally love doing the most)

o    Your unique talents and abilities (What you can do better than anyone else in your marketplace)

The process of Personal Alignment is taking the time to formulate and reformulate your success formula by trying out different ideas in your imagination until all these gears click into place. Only then can you send a clear signal without internal contradiction to your target market. Anything less is like tuning in a radio and hearing static.

Without alignment your target market is getting mixed signals from you or cannot even hear your broadcast. And, you wonder why all of your hard work isn’t paying off as you had hoped it would. It’s not for lack of effort on your part. It is lack of alignment!

Most professionals are too eager to rush into action before achieving Personal Alignment. Then they wonder why they are getting mixed results. Do not underestimate the importance of this vital step in building your luxury real estate marketing practice.  Any time you notice that you are not getting consistent results, take more time out for Personal Alignment or Realignment. Luxury travel

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