The Little Prince is a timeless tale of friendship and love from Antoine de Saint-Exupery. Filled with enchanting storytelling, the fable is a classic that is enjoyed by children and adults alike. The enduring message of the book is a timeless one that teaches us to look beyond our differences and see what connects each of us. We’ve gathered some of the most beautiful the little prince quotes to remind you of the lessons that it holds, whether you are reading it for the first time or just revisiting your favorite parts of the story.

The Prince had landed on an uninhabited planet and he met a rose that grew there. The rose exaggerated her ailments in order to receive attention and care from the prince. The prince made a screen and glass globe to protect her, and he watered her and kept the caterpillars off of her. He fell in love with her and wanted to take her back to his home planet with him, but she refused.

The prince then met a fox and learned the secret of seeing. He saw that the eyes were not useful in seeing things because they only saw the outer shell and surface of a thing, not the inner essence. It is the heart that reveals what matters in life. The fox told the prince that it is important not to confuse what is inessential with what is essential. The essential, he said, is what connects people and makes them truly valuable to each other. the little prince quotes

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