Ruqyah is reciting Quranic verses and supplications (Duas) reported from the Messenger of Allah as being effective for protection and cure. It is also sometimes referred to as ‘spiritual healing’ and it is something that our beloved Messenger used often as well as his Companions, may Allah be pleased with them all.

Whether it be to protect against the evil eye, exorcism of jinns or sihr, or to overcome a particular physical illness such as headache, sickness or ill health it is an important tool for all Muslims to have. It can help increase our Iman, build and strengthen our relationship with Allah and reaffirm our tawhidic beliefs in Him alone as He is all powerful and all knowing.

However it is important to note that we should only ever seek ruqyah from a practioner who is a scholar in ilm and sunnah. There are many who perform ruqyah in a way which is not in accordance to the sunnah and which could potentially harm the patient. They could for example switch off the lights and ask the patient to smell certain perfumes, close their eyes and let their imagination wander then tell them that the person they imagined is the one who has been harming them – this is extremely dangerous and is not approved of in the sunnah.

Some ruqyah performers even go so far as to beat epileptic patients and use suffocation as a means of treating them, all of which are extremely un-Islamic and should be avoided at all costs. There are other ruqyah practitioners who charge for their services which is permitted according to the sunnah, although they should not include any taboos or prohibited practices especially shirk in their supplications. quran ruqyah

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