Name cards are one of the oldest yet most effective methods of exchanging contact information. Condensing a person’s professional identity, areas of expertise and contact details into an attractive and portable format, they’re the ideal way to leave a lasting impression with potential clients and partners. Whether through simple designs and eye-catching typography or vibrant hues that reflect a brand’s personality, minimalistische visitenkarten business cards effectively encapsulate an individual’s unique flair and etch a vivid visual remembrance in the minds of their recipients.

Whether you’re looking for a classic card with the essentials or something more special like an embossed logo, we have the perfect cards to suit any occasion. We offer a wide selection of templates that you can easily personalize in our benutzerfreundliches Designstudio oder you can create your own completely customized card from scratch. Choose your preferred materials, add photos or text and finish off with a stylish frame to make your business card stand out from the crowd.

Our luxury business cards are made from 600 gsm Mohawk Superfine Paper, which is twice as thick as standard MOO paper. The extra thickness lends our cards an opulent touch and feel that leaves an unforgettable impression on potential clients and partners. Combined with our innovative printing techniques, our luxurious visitenkarten help you leave an impression to remember. for Visitenkarten

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