Ask any recruiter and they’ll all tell you that tailoring your resume is essential for a successful job search. Tailoring your resume emphasizes what you can do for an employer, rather than simply listing your experience or qualifications. It also helps you get past applicant tracking systems (ATS) that are used by companies to filter job applications based on keywords and requirements.

When you’re applying for a specific role, read through the job ad to find out what the company is looking for. Look for key words in the description and see if you can incorporate them into your resume. This will ensure that your resume is targeted to the role and shows that you understand the job and the company’s needs.

If you have a contact at the company who works in a similar role, try asking them what they’ve found to be the most important skills and competencies in their job. Use this information to highlight these in your resume and explain how you can apply them in the same way in the new role.

Tailoring your resume also makes it easier to get through ATS filters, and it can help you get noticed by a human hiring manager. However, savvy recruiters can spot fabrications in your resume and are unlikely to hire you for a job where they suspect that you’ve been dishonest. Tailoring your resume

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