Whether you are selling a product to an entire industry or ideas that promise to change the future of commerce, your ability to sell is crucial. And professional sales skills are a must for every sales person to master and continually refine.

Developing these skills is easier than you might think. A key to success is to focus on the how, rather than just the what. The right way to teach a skill, or any new sales technique, will have an impact long after your trainer has left the room. For example, to improve the effectiveness of a sales process, don’t just train on how to use a new CRM system — focus on the behavioral change that will take place.

Relating: One of the most difficult skills for sales professionals to master, relating is the ability to build trust with buyers through acknowledgement and empathy. It is the foundation for consultative selling skills, and it leads to a dialogue that explores buyer needs and delivers a compelling value proposition.

Negotiation: The ability to negotiate with buyers is a critical selling skill that has become increasingly expected by customers. A skilled negotiator is able to find solutions that meet the needs of both parties, creating a win-win scenario for everyone involved.

Being a skill seller means that you must know your product inside and out, and be able to communicate it to your prospects in the language they understand. Using this knowledge to explain the product’s benefits and value to your prospects will help them decide if they can afford it, how it will fit into their existing operations, and how they can use it effectively. skill seller

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