When the number of images you have to edit grows and your time becomes too stretched, outsourcing is a sensible option for photographers. Whether your focus is weddings, engagement sessions, commercial photography, or product launches, you can outsource your photo editing to free up your valuable time.

But not all outsourcing services are equal, and many will make your life harder than they should. The wrong partner can result in a bottleneck that holds up your entire process.

A quality photo editor will deliver fast turnaround times and work to your exact specifications. The best will also be able to work to a style that matches yours, even if it is super-styled (i.e. a lot of blur and other techniques).

Another important consideration is that they will offer visual markup tools. These help you communicate exactly what you want edited and provide feedback when it is ready to go, without needing to send a PDF or Word document. This is much faster than explaining what you want a team of freelancers to do one by one.

For some photographers, particularly those with a high turnover of clients, outsourced photo editing is a way to keep up with constant demand for their products. For example, the winter holidays are a busy season for fashion brands, and keeping up with the rush of orders means retouching lots of photos. And for photographers who run marketing campaigns, it is critical that they can upload polished photos quickly to their website or social media. outsourcing photo editing

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