There are so many different varieties of salon equipment that you could get lost just trying to sort through them all. There are things that you can use for hair, machines for the nails, and a variety of different gadgets relating to different forms of body beautification. Do you need the latest whiz-bang gadgets or not? In this article I will discuss with you some cheap and some upscale salon equipment.

First of all, you need a chair to sit the customer in. Your main focus here is comfort for the customer and ease-of-use for your stylist. Look for seats that are heavily cushioned and have the ability to recline, lift up and rotate. Not only can your stylist adjust the height accordingly to meet the customer, but they can swivel the chair around to get to all those hard angles.

In addition, you need mirrors, hair dryers, and different hair styling accessories. Use a combination of these different types of salon equipment to create a styling station.

One way to save money is to purchase the bare necessities or only purchase standard accessories. Another way to save on money is to purchase from the right suppliers. Certain suppliers will give you the option of purchasing used equipment instead of new equipment or equipment without a well-known brand name.

Make sure you understand that when you’re buying a brand name you’re not necessarily buying top quality — just something that is highly recognizable. If you do the proper amount of research you can usually find something that doesn’t carry a hefty price tag that brand-name equipment carries and will actually operate better in your beauty salon.

Buying in bulk is another option to get a discount on equipment for your salon. Also, certain distributors will offer specials on new equipment to get their equipment in the stores.

One of the best ways to help you decide what kind of salon equipment to choose is to ask your customers or potential customers. This way you can integrate their thoughts into the whole process to synthesize the best customer experience in your beauty shop.

Also, consider carrying items with a high profit margin, like hair care products. These things usually can be marked up 100% and are easy to add on to the sale of a customer who is already in the store. Pedicure Chair Massaging Spa

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