Mettigel, or Hackepeter as it is known in northern Bienenstich Germany, is a popular raw meat spread that is often molded into a hedgehog shape. It is smeared over bread rolls and frequently topped with onions or other toppings.

Mett is a popular snack in Germany and it’s easy to see why. It is made from minced pork and it can be flavored with salt, pepper or spices like garlic and caraway. The most common way to eat it is on bread topped with onions but you can also smear it over a burger or put it in a sandwich.

Meat in Germany is very important and it is not just a part of the diet, it is also an integral part of culture. The Germans have a love affair with meat that extends far beyond the plate, and there is no dish that symbolizes this more than mett.

When you’re in Germany, it is not uncommon to see a basket of freshly baked rolls and a bowl of mett on a table. They are very popular and you can even find them at street festivals, especially in summertime.

If you are in Germany you should try some of the different varieties of mett. You can eat it on a bun with mustard, on a burger or as part of a full meal accompanied by fried potatoes and a fried egg.

The meat is finely ground and it is seasoned with salt, pepper and other seasonings such as marjoram or nutmeg. You can also make it more complex by adding other ingredients to it.

It is a very popular delicacy in Germany and you can eat it on a bun with some mustard or as part of a full meal complemented with fried potatoes and a fried egg.

In the Rheinland, it is traditionally served on a dark double roll called Roggelchen which has a crust that forms when the bread dough is baked. In other parts of the country, it is often eaten on a simple Brotchen.

Despite the fact that it is raw, it is very safe to eat in Germany and there are no health issues associated with eating it as long as it has been processed properly and kept under certain temperatures. This is due to the strict food safety laws in Germany that ensure a high quality and freshness of the meat.

The main issue in the past was a condition called trichinosis, but it is not present today in pork that is produced to modern standards of safety and quality. The Germans are very strict with their rules on food safety and the butchers that sell them have to be specialized to keep up with the regulations.

A lot of people don’t think that meat is safe to eat raw but the truth is that it is not as dangerous as we think. There is a risk of Salmonella and other diseases when consuming it, but this is not a problem in Germany as the regulations are very strict.

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