Before the millions of players and billions in revenue, before the esports tournaments that attract 100 million spectators—before all that, League of Legends was just a game. It was a game that wasn’t very good at first, but with time and persistence, the founders of Riot Games, Marc Merrill and Brandon Beck, set out to improve it.

The result is a game that has exploded in popularity and become a cultural phenomenon, with a huge player base, an immense eSports scene, and a massive economy built around the game. But League isn’t just a video game: it’s also a world of magic, monsters, and other fantastical creatures, with intricate mechanics that can be both challenging to learn and deeply satisfying to master.

This class introduces students to the League universe, from its lore to its basic gameplay. Students will learn how to understand the game’s many interrelated systems, including how to use a champion’s abilities to achieve a primary objective or to take a secondary goal that may be crucial for winning a closely matched match.

League of Legends is one of the most complex games ever created, and arguably the hardest to play well. This class will help students develop their ability to understand and break down the game’s complexities, while providing them with strategies for improving their own gameplay. 롤대리

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