MP4 players are a higher version of portable digital multimedia players. In other words, we may say there are the next big things to mp3 players.

What differentiate MP4 players from MP3 players are their ability to play both audio and video files with the same file extension. This flexibility has made MP4 players more popular than MP3 players in the international gadgets market. Because of this huge popularity, many consumers are tempted to buy MP4 players nowadays. However, here is the caveat – many MP4 player manufactures can fool the gullible and first time buyers into buying their products. Hence, you should know some hidden truths about various MP4 players available in the market. Here is what you should consider while buying an MP4 player:

Is it an MP4 player?

Just because a portable digital music device does more than playing mp3 format and DMV files doesn`t necessarily mean that it is an MP4 player. By the standard definition, an MP4 player should be able to play MP4 format files as well. Before you buy any MP4 player, make sure it plays MP4 format files. See if it is really compatible to the genuine MP4 format files. Many people settle down for MP4 players that are cheaper in price and substandard in quality. You should be careful about it and ask the seller if the MP4 player can play all MP4 compatible files.

Does it play your own video?

Many MP4 player sellers would have to believe that you can play your own videos on their MP4 players. What they won`t, however, tell you is that you have to convert your files into some kind of obscure format before your MP4 player is able to play them. You shouldn`t take their words for it that you will be able to play any mpeg or avi file you download from the Internet or from your camera. Check it with your seller how easy it really is to play your own videos on their MP4 players.

Are the conversion software tools really useful?

Usually, MP4 players come with some conversion software tools (essentially, a CD) that allow you to convert your audio and video files into the MP4 compatible file format. However, you should be make sure that the CD you get is actually going to help you or not. It may so happen that the conversion CD you get is in a language other than English making it almost impossible for you to use it. Worse still, the free conversion software expires after one month of buying your MP4 player. See if the free conversion software is actually useful for you.

Is the device upgradeable?

An MP4 player is only as good as its upgradeability. Be careful of buying MP4 players that are not from standard manufactures. Look if the MP4 player is firmware upgradeable. Also, see it the MP4 player has the manufacturer`s name on it. A standard M4 player should have proper documentation just incase you would like to contact the seller for some support.

Are the manuals written in English?

Manuals are supposed to help the buyer in figuring out how to use the device. Usually, buyers tend to ignore checking if the manual is in a language of their choice. Sometimes the manuals come in only one language such as Chinese. If the manufacturer is not renowned enough, they least bother about convenience of the end-users. Make sure, the user manual of the MP4 player has an English version as well.

Like many music lovers, you may be tempted to buy an MP4 player by seeing it on an ad and lured by its false claims and low prices. Remember to read between the lines while you invest in a good MP4 player. youtube to mp4 converter

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