Now that you are in Singapore, it’s time to get some more Singapore Dollars. It is recommended you convert a little bit of local currency before arriving to Singapore just enough to bring you to your hotel or to make a phone call. However after that, where shall you get more Singapore dollars? In this article I will describe a money saving technique for exchanging your cash to Singapore dollars.

What is recommended in Singapore is to change your money at the various Singapore Licensed Money Changers in town. They will offer you superior rates in which you can get that extra Singapore dollar out of your hard earned cash. Do not change all your money in one shot at the exchangers at the airport, or at the bank! They will rip you off, as they will charge you high administration fees, and provide a lower rate.

Here are some of the recommended money exchangers in Singapore, based on research from the locals in Singapore. They provide the best rates in town with no complications, and with no negotiations needed. With no questions asked, they will give you a good rate!

1.) Crante Money Changer

This money exchanger is located in Singapore’s Chinatown. It is located at People’s Park Complex which is near the Chinatown MRT train station. You can easily recognize this place by looking for the money changer at People’s Park Complex that has the longest line up.

2.) Mustafa Money Changer

This money changer is located in Singapore’s Little India. It is located at Mustafa Center which is near the Farrer Park MRT train station. You can find this place on one of the corners of Mustafa Center shopping complex. Just ask for the Mustafa money changer, and someone will surely point you in the right direction!

Please note that the above tip is only for cash (with the assumption you are carrying one form of the top major currencies worldwide or in Asia – such as USD, CAD, EUR,

GBP, AUD, NZD, JPY, INR, CNY, HKD, MYR, SGD). Traveler cheques may or may not be accepted at the money changers, therefore most likely you will need to go to the bank for that.

Changing money at these license money changers in Singapore is a sure way of saving lots of money as these money changers offer great rates to exchange for as much Singapore dollar possible from the money you are exchanging with. set up a company

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