A new or remanufactured norcold cooling unit will not only fix your refrigerator’s failed evaporator coil, but also can make your fridge cooler, more efficient and quieter. JC Refrigeration manufactures, stocks, ships and designs all brand-new cooling units in Shipshewana IN. They are the only place you can get a high quality remanufactured norcold refrigeration coils. The owner of Pines RV Refrigeration, Larry Miller is the brother in-law of JR which owns JC Refrigeration and does all of the designing and manufacturing of the new norcold cooling units.

Before replacing your rv refrigerator’s cooling unit, remove the refrigerator and perform a visual inspection. Check for rust on the back of the evaporator coil, stains on the insulation and any water in the refrigeration insulation. If you notice any of these problems, turn off the refrigerator and allow it to cool before attempting to replace the cooling unit.

While you’re removing the refrigerator, inspect it for screws holding it in the frame rails of your RV. On Dometic refrigerators, there is often a sheet-metal pan that has screws passing through it into the RV frame. If there are screws in the refrigerator frame, remove them and install the proper screws into the new evaporator and freezer compartment.

Before installing the new evaporator in your RV, you should apply sealant to the outside of the evaporator tube. The tube is the part that carries ammonia from the evaporator to the boiler in your refrigerator. The sealant should be applied with low-expansion spray foam. This will make the refrigerator sealed and insulated to help prevent unwanted air movement through the refrigeration system. norcold cooling units

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