Whether you’re on the road full time, rv refrigerators or just want to use your RV occasionally, an AC unit is a must. But, just like any other appliance, an air conditioner will eventually need replacing. So, before you go out and buy a new one, it’s important to learn more about them and how to find the best ones for your rig.

There are several types of rv ac units, with each type offering different benefits and features. The most common is the rooftop air conditioner, but there are also ducted and non-ducted options.

When Buying an RV AC, It’s Essential to Consider Size

A big AC is best for bigger rigs. However, a smaller AC is also a good choice for campers and trailers.

BTU, British Thermal Units, Are a Key Measure of Power

When selecting an AC, it’s important to choose one with a high BTU rating. This will help you cool your rig faster.

Some models have multiple fan speeds, which can make them more energy-efficient and help you save money on your electricity bill.

Another consideration when choosing an RV AC is the quality of the parts and hardware. Buying from brands that are known for their high quality parts can help your AC last longer.

Exterior Exchangers Need to Be Clear

If the exterior air exchanger on your RV AC is clogged with bugs and debris, the evaporator coil will become less efficient and your unit may freeze up. To ensure your RV air conditioner’s efficiency, you should check the exterior exchanger once a year or whenever it has been run for long periods of time.

Shading Your RV in Hot Weather

One of the most common problems RVers face is heat buildup inside their rigs in the summertime. Thankfully, you can help keep your rig comfortable by shading it with your awning or using special materials such as Reflectix.

Other Tips for Keeping Your RV Cool

Aside from shade and insulation, other ways to keep your rig cooler include running the air conditioner while you’re driving and using the awning when it’s raining outside. You should also keep windows and doors closed to prevent heat from entering your rig.

Choosing the Right RV AC is Not That Hard

The first thing you need to do when choosing an RV AC is decide what kind of system works best for your rig. Rooftop units are ideal for RVs with large class A motorhomes and tall fifth wheels, because they’re typically mounted above the cab.

Ducted systems are suited for larger RVs, as they push the cool air to all corners of your rig. They’re more efficient than non-ducted options and have a lower risk of damage when passing under low bridges.

You can also opt for portable AC units, which are becoming more popular among RVers. These small, 12V DC units are a great option for many rigs, and they’re a bit more affordable than their ductless counterparts.

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