Animated videos are a great way to keep audiences interested and break complex topics into digestible pieces. They’re also much more cost-effective than live-action films because they don’t require actors, sets, or locations. They can be a valuable tool for any business, whether used on social media, websites, in presentations, or email marketing campaigns.

The best animated videos capture a brand’s unique personality and bring their communication with customers to an entirely new level. Through captivating visuals, they convey a message while humanizing the company, building trust with viewers and solidifying a strong identity that helps to establish the foundation for long-term success.

Getting started:
Before you can begin creating your video, it’s important to clearly define the concept and audience. This will help you determine what style of animation is right for your project and how to best convey the message. Developing a storyboard is also a good idea to guide the development process and identify any potential issues before you start putting the pieces together.

During this phase, you’ll start working with the art team to develop style frames. These are a series of illustrations that act as a visual roadmap for the video, laying out what each scene will look like. This is a key stage of the creative process and a great opportunity to get feedback from your team. It’s important to show your work early on and often, especially if you’re working with a large team. animiertes video erstellen lassen

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