Online coaching is a form of mentoring that is facilitated via digital means. It can be offered through a variety of platforms, including video conferencing and email/text messaging systems. Online coaches work with clients who live in different geographical locations, but share similar challenges (e.g., a lack of physical interaction or difficulty building a trusting connection).

While traditional coaches have made use of emails, phone calls, and in-person meetings, the growth of technology has enabled the rise of online coaching services. Many experts agree that the future of the coaching industry is in e-coaching, which offers both convenience and flexibility for clients who struggle to find time to meet with coaches face-to-face.

The first step in creating an online coaching business is deciding on your niche and goals for the business. It is also important to establish how you will connect with your clients — for example, do you want to provide group coaching sessions or pre-recorded coaching sessions? Ultimately, this will determine how scalable your coaching business can be and how much administration you need to handle.

Another consideration is what you will charge for your coaching sessions. This is typically determined by the rate people in your niche are willing to pay, but can be adjusted based on the perceived value of your service. Once you’ve determined your rates, you can begin building out a website that will act as the hub for your coaching programs and allow you to track client progress.

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