Fire pumps help control fires until firefighters arrive to take action by diverting water from nearby streams, ponds and shallow wells. They are also used to pump water from lower elevation areas to higher elevations where there is a greater pressure loss. Fire fighting pumps can pump at low, medium or high volume and are available in a variety of sizes and capacities.

Manufacturers have become attuned to the specific needs of wildland firefighting. One of the leaders is Rosenbauer, which offers a comprehensive range of fire pumps for a wide variety of applications. Their products are developed to meet the high standards of the firefighting industry and offer excellent performance and reliability.

Another notable name is Darley, which offers a selection of portable pumps that are designed to provide firefighting capabilities at the scene of an incident. Their focus on innovation and technology, customization capabilities, commitment to safety, and customer support position them as a leading provider of fire pump systems worldwide.

Most of the fire pumps available for sale are designed to be easy to start. Electric start models operate by simply turning a key on the side of the pump, similar to starting your car. Recoil start fire fighting pumps require you to pull a handle/cable to operate them, similar to starting a lawn mower.

In addition to their use in firefighting, portable fire pumps are commonly used for other purposes such as boom spraying, irrigation, stock watering and wash down work on the farm. They are powered by petrol or diesel engines and come in a variety of engine capacities and flow rates. best portable fire pump

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