Across ages and cultures, the universal whisper of “good night” binds us together in our shared hope for peaceful rest and a new dawn. From storytelling traditions where tales end with characters sleeping peacefully to parents tucking their children into bed, the essence of good night is one of the many ways that we communicate our love and care for those who hold a place in our hearts.

This collection of good night quotes focuses on the power of words to touch and inspire, whether they’re spelled out on a canvas in a bedroom, engraved on a napkin at dinner, or whispered into the ears of those we care about. We have curated this selection of good night sayings so that you can share a good night message with a loved one to show them how much they mean to you as their day comes to a close.

We’ve included funny quotes — perfect for when you want to put a smile on someone’s face before they go to sleep, as well as friendly and romantic good night messages that will warm their heart and make them feel cherished. We’ve also got inspirational good night messages that will lift their spirits and encourage them to dream big dreams for a brighter tomorrow.

Especially in a long-distance relationship, good night messages can be a special way to let your partner know that you’re thinking about them and wishing them the best. So next time you wish a loved one a good night, add a sweet and thoughtful message to their bedtime routine that will make them smile and keep you connected, even when you’re miles apart.

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