Free employment advice can be a great resource for any employee. There are a number of different options available to get free employment advice including the Acas helpline and Citizen’s Advice service. When calling these services it is advisable to have as much information about the issue ready before speaking to an advisor.

Some employers have an in-house legal team which may be able to offer free employment law advice. This could be through a telephone helpline or an online chat facility. There are also many specialist employment solicitors who will offer a free consultation to discuss your specific case or query. These consultations will typically take place over the phone or online and will be able to help you determine whether you have a claim against your employer.

The laws which govern the workplace are complex and it is a good idea to seek advice before taking any action. There are a number of issues which may be raised such as disciplinary and grievance procedures, discrimination and dismissal proceedings. Additionally, state laws may cover issues such as break times, minimum wage or safety standards. Free employment advice

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