Sparring is about as close as you can get to actually being in a fight without being in one. A lost of damage can be inflicted in a real fight, that is why we don’t actually do so in practice. Championship fighters do things practice things in sparring that set them well apart from the competition and make them the fighters they are. Here are some tips to get you started in a put you in a good direction for your training.


Throwing constant jabs with all you combinations can help keep you in your opponent’s face throughout a fight. Throw a few extra to really mix up your opponent.

When you think about it, you’ll realize how hard it is for your opponent to get their game plan going if they’re in defence 100% of the time.

Keep That Chin Tucked.

This is one of the most important defences you must utilize. Keep that chin tucked in to avoid getting hit square on your jaw. With full headgear and a chin up in sparring you can still easily get KO’d.

The 4oz gloves offer no mercy in a real fight, so there is little room for error. Practice keeping your chin tucked in sparring so you can’t forget in the cage.

Take Time To Breathe.

The most experienced fighter maintains their agility because they’ve always taken time to breathe. Don’t let yourself tense up, stay as relaxed as possible.

As soon as you tense up, you aren’t ventilating or oxygenating your body and depleting energy stores. Breathe consciously at a regular rate and rhythm to prevent doing so.

There are tips that you can watch the most experienced fighters utilize. These truly are only the beginning. Utilize an MMA program that will prepare you to spar with better fighters, to get in the cage and win. MMA (Mixed Martial Arts)

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