Fire pumps are silent and nondescript, sitting, mostly, in the basements and bottom stories of tall buildings. But in the event of a conflagration those pumps are going to be called on to send water with enough volume and pressure to put out a fire. They will need to work at top performance and be ready to go whenever needed. If not, it will take time and effort to restore the system and people’s lives will be put at risk. This is why it’s critical to select a reliable UL listed and FM approved fire pump for sale that will perform well in the worst case scenario.

Feld Fire offers a full range of portable fire pumps for sale in different water capacities, power levels, and capabilities. The portable fire pump is the heart of your sprinkler system so you want to ensure it’s a trusted device that will perform under any conditions.

In order to find the best fire pump for your system we recommend that you consider your installation requirements and the water demand you will need to meet based on the NFPA 20 and the Standard for the Inspection, Testing and Maintenance of Water-Based Fire Protection Systems.

If you’re looking for a fire pump for sale that can handle the high demands of wildland firefighting, then look no further than the MARK-3 high-pressure fire pump. This backpack portable fire pump is designed to withstand the harsh conditions of wildland firefighting and has been the preferred firefighting equipment of initial attack crews and forest agencies around the world since 1964.

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