The Rhine River meanders and winds its way through some of the most beautiful countryside in Europe. Here in western Germany, you will find a rich culture set amidst green mountains, babbling brooks, and breathtaking vineyards. The villages that dot this region are picturesque and almost fairy-tale like. Germany also boasts one of the best public transportation systems and trains reach most of the villages in the region. During the summer months, riverboat cruises travel up and down the river, which is a great way to not only see the natural beauty of the Rhine River Valley, but also get a chance to see many of these small German villages adorned with castles, inns, wineries, classic homes, and restaurants.


This small village is best known for its vineyards. Here you can tour the charming village and visit the wineries for a chance to sample mouth-watering wine. Climb up to the Niederwald Monument and enjoy fantastic views of the river valley below or traverse the slope-side vineyards but taking the famous Seilbahn cable car. There are ancient Ehrenfels Castle ruins here as well making Assmannshausen one of the most romantic places to explore. It is most famous for its world class Pinot Noir and one sip and you will see why.

Assmannshausen is incorporated into the town of Rudensheim where Germany’s famous Reisling wines stem from. Here you will find the historic old town with the Brömserburg Castle and the Boosenburg Castle as well. You can even get spooked at the Medieval Torture Museum and glimpse into Europe’s not so human rights friendly past. In late summer you will find a fun and exciting wine festival where food, flowers, music, and of course wine fill the streets. The accommodations here are mostly smaller hotels and inns. A couple former mansions have since been converted to hotels but it all adds to the quaint feeling of enjoying a stay off the beaten track.

Ahr Region

Anyone who really knows wine will know the Ahr region of Germany. Most consider it one of the world’s best wine paradises. Here some of the world’s best varieties of wine are grown, most of which are mouth-watering reds though a few varieties of white wine are cultivated here as well. Each year Ahrweiler hosts a huge wine festival where the many vineyards come together to celebrate and sample there best German varieties. There wine tastings and seminars and you can enjoy several days trekking along the Red Wine Trail stopping by each vineyard where most owners and families will happily entertain you stories of their grapes and history of the region.

You’ll quickly be rewarded by one of the most scenic countrysides in Germany. The rolling green hillsides and mountains along with the centuries old German villages make for a perfect backdrop to a vacation spent sipping rich red wines. It is perhaps a perfect place for a honeymoon or romantic trip for two.

Boppard and the Middle Rhine Region

The hills and valleys, country roads and villages are all part of the package in the Middle Rhine region of Germany. There are ten wine growing districts here all which picturesque vineyards set on the outskirts of quaint German villages. Boppard is a town that dates back the days of the Roman Empire and has a rich history to compliment your wine. In the spring and summer months there is plenty of sunshine which adds to flavor of the wine that is drenched in it. The hills around Boppard give a splendid chance to get a panoramic view of the surrounding country. There is even a 100 year old railway that takes you up into the hillsides for an even more romantic day trip.

Nearby in the Bad Salzig naturally healing spas will melt your cares away. Here you can also find wine festivals. A few miles away you will find the achingly romantic area of Rheinbay. Here flower-blossomed orchards fill the countryside and wine grown here is unlike any other. The village is equally as historic with old churches, German houses, and restaurants to enjoy in between wine tastings. Several other historic towns dot the area, each one with their own unique history such as Herschwiesen and Oppenhausen and are well worth stop at.

Middle Moselle Wine Region

Here in the town of Bernkastal-Kues in the famous Middle Moselle Valley Wine Region you will find one of the largest wine festivals in Germany. From a huge fireworks display to lots of music and a large parade, the festival is a non-stop party. Throughout the entire festival there are countless celebrations with as much wine and music as you can enjoy. It’s a medieval town with a long history with its centuries old marketplace and timber houses, the charm is endless. Wherever you roam in the German wine region you will find scenic natural beauty, world-class wine, and friendly people. best wine tours in Willamette Valley

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