The holiday season is a good time to stock up on workout supplies for yourself or someone else. Whether you want to add some high-quality home gym equipment or get the gift of a fitness subscription, you’ll find a few editor-approved options here.

Many fitness enthusiasts don’t have the space in their homes for large-scale gym equipment like pull-up bars or barbells, but that doesn’t mean they need to skip out on a great workout. Instead, you can deck out a small-scale home gym with items that are easy to store and take up minimal room.

Here are the essentials to include in your home gym kit:

A yoga mat offers a non-slip, clean surface that can be used for push-ups and sit-ups, or even as a platform to perform full body workouts like mountain climbers, lateral raises, or plank knee tucks. The best ones are thick and have a built-in grip so you don’t slip during hot or sweaty exercises.

Dumbbells are the gym’s OG tool, and there’s no better way to strengthen every muscle in your body than with these versatile pieces of equipment. They come in a range of weights from very light to very heavy and are available in sets with a rack or standalone, depending on your needs.

Another gym essential is a pull-up bar that you can attach to your door or wall, and use for a variety of upper body workouts like chin-ups and rows. The best pull-up bars are lightweight and easy to install or uninstall, so you can move them around your home or office if necessary.

You can amplify your ab and core workouts with a stability ball, which provides a challenge for your body to stabilize while performing exercises. This one from Rogue Fitness is designed to withstand high-intensity exercises and comes with an instructional DVD so you can make the most of your purchase.

Resistance bands are a budget-friendly way to add intensity to your workouts. Most are color-coded for different tension levels, and you can add accessories like handles and door anchors to improve your range of motion or allow you to target more muscles.

Stream your favorite studio workouts at the touch of a button with this comprehensive fitness mirror from Lululemon, which features live classes from fitness pros including celebrity trainer Donnie Wahlberg, AARMY, Y7 Studio, and celebrity faves Pure Barre and DOGPOUND. The slim-profile and sleek metal accents also make it a stylish addition to any home gym. workout supplies

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