When you’re living the vanlife, you need a fridge to keep your food and drinks cold. Dometic refrigerators are a popular choice in vans, and they’re known for their durability. They can stand up to vibrations, extreme temperatures and rough terrain. They’re also designed to be easy to use and can be positioned anywhere in the camper.

A dometic refrigerator isn’t cheap, but it’s an investment that will last a long time. Having one of these in your van can help you save money on grocery shopping and give you the ability to enjoy the outdoors more without worrying about whether or not your food is going to spoil.

Dometic makes a variety of different fridges, including absorption and DC compressor models. The absorption fridges, which are shaped like large coolers, work by heating a gas mixture and then letting it expand. The heat can come from a small propane fire or an electric heating element.

These fridges can run on electricity, which is convenient if you’re at a campground and want to plug in, or you can connect them to an external propane tank for longer trips. You’ll have to open and close the propane tanks every time you use them, though, as it’s unsafe to leave them unattended.

If your Dometic fridge doesn’t seem to be cooling, there are a few things you can check before calling in a professional or buying a new fridge. Using a thermometer to monitor temperature, ensuring that the freezer isn’t too full and checking for frost will help you find the problem.

Most of the fridges Dometic produces are what’s called a DC compressor model. This type of fridge uses a compressor to cool down the fridge, so it’s more efficient than an absorption fridge. It’s also lighter than an absorption fridge and doesn’t require a propane burner to operate.

The fridges in the CF series are a popular choice because of their efficiency, durability and lightweight design. They’re available in a variety of sizes and can be installed in most campervans. You can even install one in the rear of your van if you have enough space for it.

Another popular fridge option is the Dometic CoolFreeze CFX. This is a compact fridge that can be mounted to the wall of your campervan or in a separate cabinet. It comes with a built-in icebox and can be used with propane or electricity. The CFX is also easy to use, with a front panel that allows you to adjust settings such as the fridge’s temperature setting and display brightness. You can also set the temperature to Celsius or Fahrenheit and turn the battery monitor on or off. You can even connect this fridge to a Wi-Fi network for convenience.

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