When you want to take your baseball uniform to the next level, look no further than custom stirrup socks. Worn by major league players up until the mid-1990s, baseball stirrup socks give athletes a classic, old-school look while also serving as a great way to display their team’s colors and logo. They also help keep sanitary socks in place, giving players optimal hygiene and comfort while playing the game.

At Socks Rock, we offer a large selection of striped and patterned custom baseball stirrup socks in a variety of colors. Our online custom sock and stirrup builder allows you to choose the color for both the socks and the stirrups to create a pair that’s uniquely your own.

Our custom baseball and softball stirrup socks feature a tube construction, double welt top, and smooth toe seams for superior support at the most important impact points. They’re made with 100% nylon, known for its versatility, aversion to abrasion, strength, and stretch. All of our custom baseball socks and softball stirrups are made in the USA, with some features such as proDRI technology for moisture wicking, blister control, and compression in all the right places to increase performance and decrease injury.

We have a variety of different cut lengths for our custom baseball and softball stirrup socks. Longer stirrups expose more of the white base stocking and can be worn with a long or short baseball jersey, while shorter options such as our 5-inch cut reveal less of the white stocking, offering a more unique style. custom stirrup socks

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