With regular use and ageing, even the most well-made conservatories are likely to show signs of wear. For example, leaks and condensation can be annoying and costly to repair but over time it can be a clear sign that your roof is starting to lose its integrity.

A new conservatory roof replacement can make your existing garden room look more like an extension of the rest of your home and transform how you use it. But with so many choices available it’s essential to do your research to ensure you get the right roof and installation for your needs.

One of the first signs that your conservatory roof may need replacing is when you start to notice cracks in the frames, or any other signs of structural damage such as damp or mould. In these instances, the damage is already taking its toll on your old lightweight plastic or polycarbonate roof and could result in it becoming unsafe for you and your family.

Another way you can tell that your conservatory is in need of a new roof is when it starts to become difficult to regulate the temperature. With older conservatories, the lack of insulation can cause the space to be overly warm in the summer and cold in the winter. A replacement conservatory roof can solve this problem by allowing you to control the room’s temperature and turn it into a usable all year round space for both living and relaxing.

You don’t have to tear down your conservatory if you decide to replace its roof, instead it can be replaced with a solid or tiled roof which will change the way you use the space. With a solid roof, you can add more light into the room with Velux windows and a plastered vaulted ceiling that will create a feeling of a real room inside your house. This will allow you to fully utilise the space and add value to your property.

If budget is a priority then you can opt for a polycarbonate roof which offers good security and thermal efficiency, while still being relatively inexpensive. Alternatively, you can choose a glass roof which is more expensive than polycarbonate but allows you to gaze up at the sky and stars whilst making your home energy-efficient.

The most modern option is a hybrid roof which combines the best of both worlds by adding glazed panels to a solid roof structure. Companies such as Eco Roofing SE offer this system and it can be built in conjunction with glazed or Velux windows, creating a stunning new living area that is more usable all year round. Like all of their products, this roof can be fully bespoke and is backed up by a ten year insurance backed guarantee. conservatory roof replacement

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