Concrete tanks are found on thousands of rural properties around Australia. Over time they can develop cracks and holes causing water leakage and loss. We can repair these with specialised cement-based products and tank liner technology that protects the steel skeleton of the tank from further damage.

Water tanks that have been in service for years are prone to movement and cracking. Whether from earth tremors or drought, the base of the tank can shift and cause the concrete to crack and leak.

A concrete tank that is properly built and sited can last for up to 25 years or more, but a poorly constructed one will start to crack and leak after 10 to 15 years. Often the tank site has not been correctly compacted or laser levelled and the concrete has not been reinforced properly.

Cracks in concrete tanks can be caused by age, movement of the tank or site, corrosive chemicals in the tank water and other factors such as over filling or over emptying. Often small cracks can be repaired externally with a crystal growth product or expanded hydraulic mortar. Larger cracks and leaking tanks can be stabilised from the inside with a tank liner and steel bands.

It is a common myth that people will tip the crystal growth or expanded hydraulic mortar into a leaking concrete water tank. Please don’t do this as it can lead to contaminated water, blocked plumbing and a major clean up job. It is also dangerous as it can expand and crack the concrete causing further damage. concrete tank repairs near me

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