It’s impossible to look at a sweet new baby’s smile without smiling back. As any mother will tell you, they will do almost anything to make their baby happy, contented, and smiling. This can include indulging your baby with the best you can provide such as the perfect Diaper Bag. The right Diaper Bag can make life easier for both you and your baby. Having all your essentials accessible at all times will help make both your lives stress-free and enjoyable. As a mother, you might forget your cell phone, or your make-up, but you can never forget to have this essential accessory with you! Because it’s so important, it’s critical that you select the right bag for your individual needs. Here we’ll discuss a few suggestions of how to select the appropriate bag.

1. The diaper bag is for you, the mom, not the baby. Even if you have four boys, it is completely acceptable to purchase a pink diaper bag, if that’s what you want to carry. The bag should be something you not only feel meets your need, but represents your style in a unique way. Designer Diaper Bags are a great way to maintain style while having a bag that functions as a diaper bag.

2. Don’t try to buy a diaper bag that your husband will also like to carry. When my first baby was born, I chose a very gender-neutral bag that I could see him carrying. It didn’t happen. He would carry it to the car for me occasionally, but always in the manner that said he was carrying his wife’s purse for her. Later, as my daughter got older and he spent more time with her, we purchased a smaller bag for him to take when he went out with her. He still regards my Diaper Bag as an extension of my purse, and it is not something he would use on his own.

3. Decide what your organization style is. Do you like lots of pockets so you have a place for everything, or would you prefer to have more open space in the bag so you can fit more items? Is it important to you that you have insulated bottle holders and a separate compartment for a pacifier? Each of these decisions are a matter of individual preference, so think about what you would prefer. Ask a couple of friends that you feel like have the same level of organization as you. They are one of your best resources!

4. Don’t purchase a bag that you will see over and over when you leave the house! Get something that really reflects you. One great way to do this is to have the bag personalized with your monogram, or the baby’s name. The personalization options are endless, so allow yourself to show off your style with a monogram!

5. A high quality Diaper Bag can be serviceable for years. If you invest in a quality Diaper Bag, you may be able to use it long after you need it for your baby. You may be able to use it later for any number of things such as a laptop bag, an overnight bag, or a a beach bag. The possibilities are endless!

6. Consider how you will want to carry the bag. A backpack style allows you to have your hands free more often, but a tote bag makes it easy to reach in and grab things quickly. Many bags have the option to hook them over your stroller, which means you don’t always have that weight on your back. Think about how you tend to carry things, and take this into consideration.

7. It is important to think about the closure that you want. There are many options, such as zippers, ribbon closures, magnetic snaps, or button closures. Think about your style, what you think looks best, and the pros and cons of each. Zippers keep things from spilling, but it often takes away from the amount of room you have in your bag, and they wear out quickly. Which of these things are a priority to you?

8. Think about ordering a custom diaper bag, especially if you see elements of many different bags that you like. You may like the closure of one, but prefer the fabric of another, while you appreciate the number of pockets on a completely different one. On our site, we offer the option to have a seamstress make you a custom bag, that will fit your specifications exactly.

9. Consider what size you would like the diaper bag to be. If you spend more time outside them home, they most probably you will prefer a bag which is bit bigger and has lots of room so that you can stuff it with more baby essentials. If you go out for quick trips only, a smaller one could serve your purpose just as well.

10. Finally, (and this one is critical to me) consider who made the bag you are buying. It is easy to find a $30 bag at Walmart or Target that you may have to replace quickly because it is either poorly made or does not have the elements that are important in a diaper bag. Each of our handmade diaper bags are designed or made by moms who know what you are looking for in a diaper bag. You can always be sure that our bags will be well made by someone who has considered your unique needs as a new mommy. michael kors sales bags

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