Carleton H Sheets, whose name is often misspelled online as Carlton Sheets has been one of the main voices for Real Estate Investment over the last couple of decades.

You may have seen him on late night infomercials or during those off (cheap Advertising) time slots during the weekends. The commercials are almost the classic “Get Rich Quick in Real Estate for No Money Down” variety.

You like many others have probably written him off as a quack, a scam, or Real Estate Investment Guru who’s teaching out-dated concepts that would never work today.

I implore you to at least reconsider your stance for moment while I illustrate at least three great reasons why I think every Agent should arm themselves with the material contained in Carleton’s “No Down Payment® Real Estate Investment Program”

#1 Real Estate Investor Wannabees Can Be a Great Source of Business for Real Estate Agents

To give you an idea of how large the potential is for this market let me reveal a fact to you that may blow your mind. I had our Internet Search Engine Guru do a search for me to find out how many times people search for Real Estate Investing & Investment in the last 60 days. The number is astounding considering this number doesn’t include the entire list of specific searches like “Real Estate Investing in Denver”. The number of searches for the last 60 days, plus or minus a few thousand, is 2,619,397.

The number of people who are reading about, researching, and buying No Money Down and No Down Payment Programs is in the several tens of thousands.

Bottom Line: There are a lot of Wannabee Real Estate Investors in your market that you can sell homes to. If you speak Real Estate Investor language and better yet “Carleton Sheets No Down Payment®” language, you’re the Agent they are going to hire.

#2 Real Estate Agents Can Secure Their Own Financial Independence by Investing on Their Own Behalf

Real Estate Agents often find themselves trapped inside a mental box that they’ve put themselves into. We get so caught up in the day-to-day life of a Real Estate Agent that we forget that there is a life outside of our traditional world.

If you asked 100 Real estate Agents if they invest in Real Estate themselves, I’d be willing to bet that less than 20 would say yes. The reason they’d likely give is, “That is way too risky for my blood”. The funny thing is that Agents have at their disposal the information that can help remove the risk of investing.

We know what the home values are in any given area, the appreciation rates, what new developments might be happening in a given area that may effect the value of property in a given area, and much, much, more investment-critical knowledge.

I heard a fairly brazen and somewhat rude Real Estate Investor say one time that “Agents are kind of like restaurant waiters. They work for the tips while we get to take home the real money”. You know what, he’s kind of right in that regard. We work for roughly 6% commission when the investors often take home 30%, 50%, or even 100% profits. Perhaps you should consider trading your commission in for a bigger piece of the pie.

Bottom Line: Take care of you and yours by making sure you get a larger portion of the money to be made with Real Estate.

#3 It’s a No-Brainer No-Risk (For 30 Days) Acquisition in Real Estate Investment Training at Only $9.95

It would be foolish to think that one Real Estate Investment Course like No Down Payment® would have all of the investment secrets that you may possibly need, but it is probably the best beginner through intermediate course that you’ll find.

This is not a sales pitch, so I want to be brief about reason #3 of why an Agent should arm themselves with this information. It has plenty of No Money Down techniques, strategies, and tools included in the course, as well as, many hours of real-world success stories that will get you excited about the world of investing.

Unfortunately for me when I invested in the program I paid 17 times more money than you can acquired it for today, which is why I highly recommend that you take look at the program if you have even a little Real Estate Investment Bug in you.

PEI, the company that markets the program may find out that it’s tough to make a lot of money selling $200 of product for $9.95 for too long.

I want you to be forewarned however; they will try to get you to invest in their coaching program along the way. Which, depending on where you are in your Real Estate Investing may be a good idea. It’s fairly expensive and from what I read online isn’t all that good.

That’s not to say that we don’t believe in Coaching because we do and have a program of our own. Just be careful not to get sucked into a coaching program that doesn’t have a proven and verifiable track record of results. piccadilly grand

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