A birthday just isn’t a birthday if the ceremony doesn’t include the most sumptuous ingredient of cakes. It doesn’t take much to figure out the reason behind the popularity of cakes as the demand for these baked delights maintain an all time high at bakeries all over the world. The scope of applying varied ingredients like fruits and chocolate make them all the more desirable, as even bigger ceremonies like weddings take the occasion to a higher level with cakes.

However, the classic ceremony that rests specifically on the wonders of cakes to add more pizazz is a birthday. Perhaps that is the reason why bakeries come up with specialised delicacies for the purpose in the form of birthday cakes. Smearing the top of a cake with wishes for the birthday person takes up a favourite part of the activity besides planting stylised candles on it.

This tradition is more often than not, observed on birthday parties of children who seem to recline in a sheer abandonment of joy and laughter along with the smudging of cake over the face of the birthday kid. The magic of cakes just doesn’t seem to wear off, and with the participation of many delicacy specialists into the league of cake making, the tempo takes on an even greater run. Lots of icing on the cake with creams of all sorts can give them an even more desirable presentation to the helplessness of the drooling onlookers.

The latest in the birthday cake bandwagon is the inclusion of the element of innovation, which sooner or later was bound to happen. With children unmistakably falling prey to the innocent gimmicks of their favourite characters, birthday cakes have started coming in various designs and shapes of cartoon characters. The resultant factor is a gleeful gathering of a frenzied group of animation lovers taking a bite of these popular cakes. gluten free brownies

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