A consultation with an accountant can help you avoid costly mistakes that may occur because of a lack of knowledge in certain accounting areas. The expertise of an accountant can bring red flags to your attention that would have otherwise been missed by your regular accounting software.

The demand for accounting consulting services is growing due to shifting demographics, changing consumer behaviors and a dynamic tax and regulatory environment. These changes are also resulting in new opportunities for accountants and accounting consultants, including forensic accounting, internal auditing and accounting system evaluation.

A CPA with business consulting experience can assist you in meeting your financial goals by identifying ways to reduce your tax liability and maximize your cash flow. An accountant can also help you plan for the future of your business by reviewing existing and preparing budgets, cash flow projections and financial forecasts.

Choosing the right accountant can be difficult, but using a decision matrix and weighting each pro/con against your needs will help you find the perfect match. Generally speaking, it is best to choose an accountant who offers fixed fees for consulting rather than one who charges by the hour.

Despite the growing popularity of cloud computing and downloadable accounting software, many small businesses still rely on an accountant for assistance in recording daily transactions. These tasks include tracking debits and credits to calculate income, record and pay payroll, prepare financial statements and file tax documents. The right accountant can save you time, money and stress. консултация със счетоводител

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