Basic knowledge of boiler tube

1, an overview of the

(1) manufacturing method:

(1) general boiler tube temperature under 350 , the domestic pipe mainly use 10, 20 carbon steel hot rolled or cold drawn tube manufacture.

(2) high pressure boiler tubes are often in high temperature and high pressure conditions, when using the pipe under the action of high temperature flue gas and water vapor, oxidation and corrosion will happen. Requirements of steel pipe with high rupture strength, high oxidation corrosion resistance, and have good organizational stability.

(2) use:

(1) general boiler tube is mainly used to produce water wall tube, water pipe, superheated steam tube, locomotive boiler superheated steam pipe, large and small pipe and tube arch brick, etc.

(2) high pressure boiler tube is mainly used to manufacture high-pressure and ultrahigh-pressure boiler superheater tubes, reheater tube, airway, such as main steam pipe.

(2) GB5310-2008 “high pressure boiler seamless steel tube” regulation. Chemical composition test method by GB222-84 and the steel and alloy chemical analysis method, GB223 iron and alloy chemical analysis method “in the relevant section.

(3) the chemical composition of imported boiler steel pipe inspection on this standard stipulated in the contract. general plumber near me

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